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very year around this time, the question comes up  - How much should I tip in my building?

It doesn’t matter if you have lived here for 1 year or 10, no one really knows what the “appropriate” tip is…or more importantly, what other people are tipping. Let’s be honest – most people want to tip somewhere close to the average.

Of course we throw a few extra bucks to the guys who grab your packages for you without having to ask which apartment you live in every time you walk up, the ones who bend the rules for you when have "friends" over or lose your gym card, or just simply the guys who still manage to greet you with a smile as they open the door when it is 20 below freezing outside. But that's a few extra bucks on top of what exactly?

There are hundreds of articles written each year by all manner of media publications, blogs, “people in the know,” etc. but they always seem to give you ridiculous ranges like $20-$300…per person.


This is why I created this site and this survey this year. I want to shed some light on what ACTUAL people are ACTUALLY tipping their building staff. I know this site won’t be that useful at the start, but the more people who take a few minutes to answer the short 10 question survey, the better ALL of us can tell where we fall on the tipping continuum and whether or not we need to adjust.


If you haven’t filled out the survey yet,or just want to share this survey with your friends (please share!), you can do so by going to this SurveyMonkey link:


Thanks to all who have filled out the survey so far and thanks to those of you who have been spreading the word! If you want to leave me a comment you can do so on the comments page or e-mail me at

I was initially entering all the data from SurveyMonkey by hand. When I started getting more responses, this wasn't as feasible, so I upgraded the survey on SurveyMonkey - which means I had to pay out of pocket. Don't feel obligated to help out, but anything you could offer to help offset the costs would be awesome. Thanks!

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